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Hi there, I’m Sandra Chavez and I manage startup bands and musicians from my home base in Albuquerque, NM. I’m always on the look out for new talent, so shoot me a message if you are talented and searching for your big break!

In 2003 I was an up-and-comer in a band named Tilted Sloth. We had a true following here in Albuquerque and everyone – including myself – thought we were destined to be the next big thing. Bottom line, we chose the wrong company to sign with and that fiasco drug on for YEARS. Still to this day I’m convinced that if we had selected the right manager we would’ve been big stars. So that’s why I now dedicate my time to getting true talents discovered. I’ve connected many successful musicians to the record label they’re now signed with.

Reach out and let’s talk. No obligation to use me, let’s just have some coffee and chat!