• Heavy MetalQuartered – Vancouver B.C. product. Great *&!$ing sound! Excellent vocals. Great range. Soprano to Growl. Quartered has been around for some time. A polished sound in a tough genre. Need a label.
  • Heavy MetalAnchors For Airplanes – Reno, NEV. According to their bio they have been together since 2013. Nice work Gentlemen. A cohesive group with a versatile sound. Can’t believe they aren’t signed.
  • Heavy Metal/Scream-oFractures in Fear – Red Lion, PA. I don’t know if these guys are still together and I couldn’t find more than the 2 songs listed but I certainly would like to hear more from them. Not the best recording but the talent is there.
  • Hard RockBlack Valentine – Los Angeles, CA – A shout out to some the real road dogs. A bunch of hard working guys doin’ it for all the right reasons. Appearing soon at a venue near you.
  • Rap/Hip HopJP – Pensicola, FLA. – JP’s got some street cred. He’s worked with some people; had some good shows. He stood out in my early search for rap artist as just better.
  • Rap & Hip HopAIM – Baltimore, MD – Female rapper/poet, with good flow, good vibe, I think she’s got some chops. Listen for your self.
  • Folk & Alternative Acoustic  Brandon Okleberry – Saratoga Springs, NY – A young man with a unique sound. More music is on it’s way. Mom say’s he’s chasing his dream traveling cross country in a van . (So old school) Here’s to getting there kid.
  • Outlaw Country & Psychedelic Junkyard FolkRolling Nowhere – Hickory Flat GA – Instant appeal. Born 2008. I have no idea what atleast one of their instruments is called. A kick in the pants full of ants.
  • BluesDiane Birch – New York, NY – I listened to lots of music before I got to this gal. I stayed a while once I did. Well traveled. 3 CD’s recorded. Listen to them all at her self titled website. She’s smooth.

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