Guest Writers

Guest writing. Not familiar with the term? It’s not new or anything. Guest blogging is simply the act of sharing one’s specialized knowledge, skills, expertise, examples of extreme fandom, to create relevant content for sites other than their own. Did you know that writing for a friend or an affiliate’s blog could lead to traffic for yours’? It’s common knowledge now. If you are not a part of it already consider this invite your chance to get started.

If you are interested in finding out more about contributing to this site, R U Music, click here to pitch us on your guest post idea. If you think our blogs need to be connected inquire within. Are you involved in the music industry and have some helpful hints? Are you an artist interested in chiming in, do it. Site administrators interested in writing for our site simply follow this email link to R U Music so we can talk. Professional writers, up and coming bloggers, and friends of our site are always welcome.