Spotlighting Undiscovered Artists & Bands

So let me tell you what it used to be like.
If you wanted to find your fame and fortune in the music industry you had to fit a mold. Weight was always an issue for women on stage and screen. As if people wouldn’t listen to an angel sing because she was too plump. Needless to say these conditions are not conducive to the energy needed to create and quite simply many careers fizzled out because of it.

Today, primetime television shows like: American Idol, The Voice, and, America’s Got Talent have exposed the musicality of America’s underbelly. What America discovered, and almost all at once, was that beneath the surface of these quirky, eccentric, bold, beautiful, offbeat and sometimes bizarre contestants were some very talented people, and they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And then there are those hardly noticeable individuals who come alive with a guitar pick, a drumstick, or a microphone in their hand.

Think back to how many video’s of unassuming nobodies; musical recluses, shower singers, who have popped up on your screen and dropped your jaw? Right? These freaks-of-nature, house maids, grade school girls comes out of nowhere to sell a bazillion CD’s.

As a new artist back in the day you had to almost always stand by while your new producer, manager, agent, crafted your identity because, after all, they know what is best for you and your music. Young artists were often taken advantage of by clever industry opportunist always looking to get rich off that next big name. These singers and musicians made concessions in their early careers in order to make their dreams come true. Then they lived to regret it. It is often through dealings with scoundrels and sharks that artists earn the title of, “sell out,” that and the blind ambitions of these hungry would-be superstars actively harboring the attitude of ,”anything to hit the big time.” Contracts and contract disputes almost always favor the label and stem from the artist or artist’s selfish desire to stay true to themselves and their music. Imagine that.

Today, with the immense potential of the internet these talented, normal people, are finding new mediums to reach out, to express themselves, to place there life’s work on the world’s doorstep.

The log-jam of deserving fresh talent trying to enter the industry, an industry of patently few inlets, has triggered a response in some very ambitious people and R U Music is their brainchild.

Since raw talent isn’t always enough for rising stars to find their way,  having the ability to interact with other artists; to exchange thoughts and ideas; to connect with other inspired and like-minded individuals, is invaluable.

Simply put, the best case scenario for R U Music is that musicians and music-lover’s will come together. They’ll find content that enriches, be able to give and take advice, exchange music, join a band, find a manager, meet new artists and hear new music coming off the street, out of the studio, and into the spotlight.

Yeah. That’s right. We have a dream too.